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Anastasia Filatova, founder of Anastasia's Studio is a goldsmith artisan, goldsmith student and jewellery designer from Hanko, Finland. 


Born in Ufa, Russia, and raised in Saint Petersburg from the tender age of eight years old, she has been surrounded and influenced by a city full of art, culture and breathtaking architecture. Anastasia moved to the small seaside town of Hanko soon after her eighteenth birthday where she began a journey to develop her passion for the arts into a tangible skill.


After gaining life experience from various temporary different jobs, Anastasia decided on a whim to see an astrologist and check what the stars had planned for her. The astrologist, after reading her stars, asked is she had ever thought about becoming a goldsmith? This struck a chord as Anastasia had toyed with this idea for many years, but somehow never took it seriously.

Until that moment!  Astonishingly, Anastasia applied for a place to study the art of becoming goldsmith at AXXELL, in Ekenäs, Finland that very same day. 


Having completed her course and mastered numerous techniques she graduated as a goldsmith artisan in 2018. In October 2020 Anastasia has started her studies in the professional degree of goldsmith.


Anastasia has finally found her passion in life. A career in which learning never ends as she meets constant challenges, working around the clock to continually surpass client expectations and see happy customers.

Anastasia Filatova

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